Natsumi Kimiyoshi

Background Edit

Natsumi is a normal high school girl who recently moved from rural Okinomiya to a large city. With her bright personality, she easily made new friends in her new home. She has received a confession of love by Akira Toudou, whom she likes in return. However, she has not answered it yet. She has shrugged off the beliefs and culture of her ancestral home at Hinamizawa, as well as the warnings from her overly-superstitious grandmother, whom she lives with. After Hinamizawa's "disaster", Natsumi's greatest fear is being discovered as being related to people from Hinamizawa and once living near there, in Okinomiya.

Fighting Style Edit

  • Natsumi is a new character, added in the expansion, not available in the story mode. She is a swift melee character, more balanced in regards of defense, while her speed doesn't completely match Shion's. She has however much more problem to deal with ranged characters, as her ranged options are inferior than most melee characters.

First Weapon: Mother's kitchen knife
Second Weapon: Grandma's saw
Third Weapon: None