Kyosuke Irie

Background Edit

Kyosuke is the head doctor of the village clinic. Despite his young age and the fact that he has a severe maid fetish, he is highly respected in the community. He cheerfully makes house calls and seems to truly care about everyone's health. He has (half-jokingly) admitted that he wishes to marry Satoko when she's older, but is not above chasing after Rika when she's wearing one of the uniforms from the restaurant Angel Mort. In addition, he is the manager of the village's baseball little league team, the Hinamizawa Fighters.

Fighting Style Edit

  • Kyosuke Irie is another support character, specialized in status ailment ranged attacks. Much like Takano, Irie isn't exactly effective as a stand alone character, but his teamwork is very effective.

First Weapon: Irie's deluxe medical treatment set
Second Weapon: Irie's deluxe hospitalization set
Third Weapon: Irie's deluxe support set

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