• Miless


    July 21, 2013 by Miless

    Hey guys. Maybe it will help you to solved you this: "Menus take a long time to load and freeze/lag whilst loading. Once loaded however, they function fine. Game also crashes or freezes during gameplay." (sauce: /troubleshooting)

    I have HP Pavilion dv 6140ew. Intel i7, Radeon 6770M, Win7 64b, blah blah blah. Higurashi was crashing and freezing, not all texture has been loaded, and loaded textrs jumps(appear, disappear, appear, disappear) with frequency like 3/sec.

    What i do? My Catalyst Control Center have an option to change GPU from external(dedicated Radeon) to integrated with CPU Intel HD Graphic 3000(or sth like that). So, I change GPU from Radeon on Intel... Well, Higurashis menu still take long time to load, and gameplay lagg for a wh…

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